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“I was  33 years old, married,  Pre-Med Student, 2 small kids,  3.4 GPA and 22 MCAT yet received an Early Acceptance to A Top Medical School…”

Learn what to do and what not to do…

Dear Future Doctor,

Let me introduce myself. “I get PRE-MED Students with MCATs (less 27) into an acceptable medical school.” I sat on the panel selecting Internal Medicine resident, now I sit on the panel selecting Radiology resident. I have written 2 books: Facts Formulas and More (Med-Facs) and Mudpiles Quick Reference (http://www.mudpiles.com/reference.html.) My goal is to fully understand the AMCAS/AACOMAS process; saving you time and money.


Have you ever been scared that you “won’t have what it takes” to get into medical school?

Have you ever been confused about what you need to focus on to become “an ideal candidate”?

Have you ever wondered “what does it really take”? Have you ever been worried about having “black marks” such as low GPAs and below-average MCAT scores that might destroy your chances of success to get accepted?

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of these questions, then this is the most important letter you’ll ever read for your medical career.


It really annoys me when I see so many good students on studentdoc, studentdoctor, Usmleforum to name a few, with students wishing, praying, begging for a chance to get into medicine with a  GPA of 3.6 and MCAT score of 27.  My acceptance would have been a thousand fold easier if I boasted those numbers.  Yet some person with a GPA of 4.0 and MCAT score of 36 responds…”don’t even bother to apply….don’t you know you must have at least a 30 to apply…don’t you know.” They will quickly tell you don’t bother with the application process this year …perhaps you should enroll into KAPLAN or Princeton Review…you will never get into medical school with such horrid numbers.  They will tell you that in order to have a decent chance of getting into medical school you must have outstanding GPA and superb MCAT score…so you should just please just give up now and forget about you lifelong aspiration. Well $%#@!)…a really good friend of mine got into Jefferson with a GPA 3.3, and MCATs 23 and graduated #1 (yes number 1) in his class.

Now, let me share the Ah-Ha. It’s simple, however, like Leonardo DaVinci said…

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo DaVinci

Here’s the answer: You need a simple system that automatically prepares you for success BEFORE you apply. I will tell you even the type of paper that you should send responses on to a prospective program…I’d bet you didn’t  know that that mattered.


Folks, this is not Pediatric Neurosurgery…knowing where, when, and how to apply is key. I try to save you some money by directing where you should definitely apply…programs that have historically accepted low MCATs.  I was granted 3 interviews and 2 acceptances. Having said that, I have more than 150 accepted medical students with MCAT score as low as 21 and/or a  3.1 GPA…but this is extremely difficult.


All I will say here is that I have a running list of medical schools that accept students with MCATs of 20-27.

This is “the missing link” that every rejected student needed. Now you could realistically apply to every U.S medical school and would be granted a few interviews and about $10K in the RED.

I want you to get into med school without the pain and frustration of failure.

I want you to become a doctor so that you get the respect from your community, the reward of trust from your patients, and the joy of helping others live a healthy life.

“I want you to achieve your dream.”

 I have developed a database that helps me compile the following  your information:

1. I focus on schools that accept students with MCAT score less than 27.  Keep in mind that the average MCAT score for most school is 30 with no single score less than 8—this is true for 90% medical school matriculants. I stay synchronized with the other 10%.  Most importantly we now have 2 additional physicians (Drs Anzalone and Dr Vassel) with MCAT score of 23 and 21 respectively to give their opinions of your package as well.

2.  Most individual scoring less than 27 will more than likely take the MCATs again.  Some schools consider only the most recent set of scores while others take an average of all scores. About 1/3 of all medical schools average all scores and use that as “your score.” This is called composite scoring. I direct my clients away from those schools.

3.  GPA: I target schools that accept students with GPA<3.50.  Many schools simply put everyone’s data in the computer system, highlight anyone who does not meet the GPA cut off then they hit the “DELETE” button—they do this after they get your secondary application fee.  Some schools received more than 10,000 applications for 110 spots in the entering freshman class.  I know these schools very well!!!!

I compile your data, compare it with the nuances of the particular school, and let you know where you should apply. Some admission committees are attracted to a student because of extracurricular activities such as horse back riding, classical piano or having family members as part of a particular “club.” Other programs give considerable thought to students with past military experience.  I am very familiar with these programs.

After compiling your data, I then send you the names of 3-5 schools that you statistically have best chance of “ACCEPTANCE AND hence, to which you SHOULD APPLY.”

I then compare the other schools, to which you are applying, and let you know of foreseeable problems with those schools.

 Most importantly, I will help you get your ACCEPTANCE LETTER!!!

What Makes Mudpiles Different
Than “Counselors” and “Advisors”

 True story! My Counselor’s advice for me was to refocus my attention from medicine and consider becoming a “Spanish translator.” Now there is nothing wrong with a translator if that is what your heart compels you to do….my heart was screaming medicine however.

A Mudpiles Admissions Consultant can help you:

1.  Review personal statement

2.  Polish and refine application essays

3.  Phone Preparation and interview

4.  Strengthen your resume

We now have 2 additional physicians (Drs Anzalone and Vassel) with MCAT score of 23 and 21 respectively to give their opinions of your package as well.

How Admissions Consulting Works

  1. Once the Mudpiles Team receives your information, the Mudpiles team emails you an introductory survey that assesses your scores, grades, activities, and potential schools.
  2. We use the survey data to help you pick the best medical school for you based on the results of your survey.
  3. Within 2 “business” days, your consultant will contact you to begin your session.

What’s Included?

Your package will include whatever guidance you need depending upon where you are in the application process. If you want assistance with the personal  essays or interview prep, Mudpiles can certainly help.

  1.  Analyzing the specific personalities of your targeted schools and how to best customize your application(s)
  2. Assessing the likelihood of acceptance to your target schools and refining the list as necessary
  3. Reviewing and critiquing all schools’ essay sets for consistency and depth
  4. Prepping for your Medical school interviews, enabling you to anticipate questions and prepare responses
  5. Reviewing a resume to ensure it strongly exhibits your achievements


 Application Component

 1st draft of personal statement (60-90 minutes)

2nd review personal statement (45-60 minutes)

Telephone Interview prep (15-30 minutes)

Resume prep (60 minutes)

Letters of recommendation guidance (40 minutes)

Confidence begins by understanding the medical school admissions process and that’s where I come in.

I will need the following from you.

1.  MCATs Scores (best and worst scores)? Keep in mind that the average MCAT score is 30 with no single score less than 8 stand true for 90% medical school matriculants. I stay syncronized with the other 10%.

2.  GPA? (need overall and science).  Many schools simply put everyone in the computer system, highlight anyone who does not meet the GPA cut off then they hit the “DELETE” button. Some schools received more than 10,000 applications for 110 spots in the entering freshman class.  I know these schools very well!!!!

3.  Your Age? Some admission committees question the commitment of students who are older than the average applicant. Better odds at a particular school if you are older.

4.  Undergraduate degree? Some schools prefer “liberal arts” degree.

5.  Health Care experience? Self explanatory.

6.  Military experience?  There are about 5 schools out there, that will place this experience above GPA and MCATs

7.  Something unusual, something special about you or something special that you do.

8.  Number of times you have taken the MCATs?  Some schools consider only the most recent set of scores. Others take an average of all the scores. A larger number of schools consider multiple sets of scores equally and note improvements.

9.  Research-related activities?

10.  I cross reference your data with over 150 medial schools and tell you what school have accepted an applicant “just like you” within the last 2 years.


 Today I heard from Emory and they are willing to take a chance on me! This school was my top choice, so I am really, really happy! I would like to thank you for all of the time that you spent working with me and believing in me. I never expected to get into my top two choices!

C. Williams

Dr Walker, I just wanted to update you and let you know that I got into my 1st and 2nd choice in schools. Thanks for all your guidance!  Shirley.

I was told that since I made a score of 7, 7, 8  that I was to accept the hard reality that I didn’t have what it takes to be a doctor.  Well for those naysayer. I have been accepted to three medical schools so far! UAB, UCON, and Drexel. Thanks again for all of your help in the process.  Your advice to take the April MCAT was right on! Hopefully I can provide some inspiration for your other “non-traditional” students.

Dear Dr. Walker
I thought you would be happy to know that I got an acceptance to NYCOM.  The information you sent about the MCATs and the medical school process I would not never figured out by myself in a million years.  You’re awesome.


Dr. Walker
Thank you for helping me obtain my Future! After several attempts at MCATs I was ready to give up. Thankfully I decided to follow your application advice and now I am in.

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

I just wanted to send a little note and a little gift to express my (and my parents) appreciation.   I can not express to you how much your help and support meant to me.

Thank you again.

3-5 schools that you statistically have best chance of ACCEPTANCE

1st draft of personal statement review (60-90 minutes)

2nd review personal statement (45-60 minutes)

Formal Phone Interview (suggestion for improvement) (15-30 minutes)

Resume prep (60 minutes)

Letters of recommendation guidance (40 minutes)

Other site will charge you thousands and lack personal experience with the process.  Advice is absolutely free!

Feel free to contact me with questions.

Dr. DD Walker


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