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When you advertise on Mudpiles.com, you will be able to specifically target established medical professionals, medical students, PAs, nurses: who make up 90% of our customer-base. At the moment, we are serving more than 1.1 million page impressions a month on average and will be expected to be more than 2 million in the next one or two months. Please find our advertising options below and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to request an option that is not on our list. Our database of FREE USMLE questions serves as an attractive feature that encourage medical professionals to return to our forum several times daily.

Because of this, Mudpiles.com is the ideal site for medical book, USMLE prep materials, pharmaceutical, health insurance, medical supply, and other health- or medically-oriented companies to advertise.

How to Buy Ad Space:

You can place an order for an ad by emailing us at mudpiles@rcn.com. If the banner slot you wish to advertise in is available, we will process your order immediately; as soon as you send us the banner graphic and linking information

Ad Specs and Rates:

NOTE: All advertisement will be sent out at least weekly to our over 3000 professionals already receiving our question of the day via email.

CONTACT US: mudpiles@rcn.com

Sincerely: Dr. Walker

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